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The Annual Model Exhibition

The Annual Model Exhibition was held in the Malda College premises 8th and 9th January, 2020. Twenty departments/sections of the college participated in the programme. Students of Education Department contributed significantly in introducing the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)that has been newly implemented in the Indian academia substituting the yearly 1+1+1 system. They tried their best to explain several facts relating to CBCS that are somehow still vague to many ones and explore certain benefits of this system. The Department of English, through their models, paintings/photos, and charts attempted to visualize some curious aspects of modern times--kids' increasing obsession with social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and others, incessant psychological and situational pressures and the resultant psychological trauma. However, more significantly, they also pointed out certain ways (like music therapy, book therapy) to alleviate or to come out from such anxious/intense situations.

The college's library also had one counter where they pointed out the facilities they provide to the students and the ways the college library can help a student.