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Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The College has a well organized and decentralized mechanism to maintain the physical, academic and support facilities. Different committees keeping sync with IQAC ensures the proper maintenance and utilization of the facilities as per the allocation of the budget.


Maintenance of Academic Facilities

  • The academic requirements regarding books, journals, developing study materials, IT facilities along with the budget are placed by the Head of the Department(HoD) in the Academic council and IQAC.
  • IQAC places the requisition to the Principal and then the Principal and Bursar forwards the issues to Administrator/Governing Body, Finance Committee, Tender Committee or any other relevant committee based on the requirements as per relevance.
  • On production of proposal and budget for organizing seminars and workshops, the college allows fund and for National/ International Level , these are forwarded to relevant agencies for necessary actions.
  • For all the non lab based departments, annually Rs. 5000/- is sanctioned to purchase and maintenance of teaching aids while for lab based departments , the amount varies from 50000/- to 150000/- annually based on their requirement.
  • College has purchase policy and tender notifications are done for the bulk purchase. Sometimes required goods are also purchased from local vendors according to requirement.
  • Proper stock register is maintained after the purchase.

Maintenance of Physical Facilities

The maintenance of the physical facilities are looked after by the subcommittees.The regular cleaning of the classrooms and laboratory, for any other maintenance related to electricity, plumbing, lab machineries, auditorium,playground, building, hostel,gymnasium and canteen, the Sub committees in coordination with the office arranges everything according to the demands raised by the departments and other units.

Campus Cleaning

  • The cleaning and gardening staff are in charge of keeping the campus ( including classrooms, laboratories and playground clean) clean.
  • NSS also takes an active part in keeping the campus clean and green.
  • Green Campus Committee looks over the overall beautification of the college.

IT infrastructure / Computer Facilitie

  • Maintenance and upgradation of the IT infrastructure are done by the Computer Repairing and Maintenance Committee.
  • College has high performance server for numerical simulation / digital computation.
  • Teachers are given training to ensure optimal utilization of ICT facilities.

Sports Facilities

  • The Sports Committee monitors the ground and equipment of sports and games are regularly maintained.
  • The Gymnasium is maintained and monitored by the staff and Gymnasium Committee where the students regularly visit from 7.00 am to 10.00 am in the morning on all working days.

Laboratory Facilities

  • The laboratory equipment is maintained by the concern department staff or through hired technician.
  • Chemicals, glassware and other instruments are maintained in the stock register for concern department.

Library Facilities

  • The library committee maintain the existing books and take decision about buying new books as per allocation of funds and demand of the books provided by the departments through HoDs. Major decisions regarding the purchase of books, service ours are taken in the Library Committee meeting.
  • Sufficient staff is engaged in the library for proper functioning and maintenance.