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Strategy Development and Deployment

For Students
Strategy Measures Web Link
Academic Calendar
Dynamic Class Routine
ERP ( Student Login for Fees payment, View class Attendance, e-notice, Providing Feedback etc)
E-learning Materials (Students Learning Management)
Open access Library resource & Access to Inflibnet e-resources (Previous Year Questions, Syllabus, Books etc.)
Various Student Group using ICT tools, Continuous Internal Evaluation using mainly online platform Various Telegram Groups, Various Google Classrooms, Various Whatsapp Groups etc.
Feedback ( Instant Feedback, Feedback on Curricula, Student satisfaction Survey feedback, Feedback on Teachers’ Performance, feedback on Principal’s effectiveness)
Departmental websites
Dynamic Notice
Student Road Map
Student Information Brochure
Code of Conduct
List of Mentors
Other Student Support Service
For Teachers and Staff
Strategy Measures Web Link
ERP (providing  Online class  attendance, View class taken,  providing self and Peer feedback)
Upload E-learning Material for students as a part of LMS
E-diary for day to day performance
View Salary, Tax, PF details ( Restricted Access)
Various Committees considering more  participation in  Management
Open access Library resource & Access to Inflibnet e-resources
Personal Teachers’ Website
Code of Conduct
Office Staff  Flow Chart
Office Work Flow Chart
Employee Online activity Site
Alumni and Guardians
Strategy Measures Web Link
ERP (log in)
Guardians Meet
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Alumni Group
Feedback by Alumni and Guardians
College Administration
Strategy Measures Web Link
Principal’s Effectiveness Feedback
Code of Conduct of the Principal
Policy Documents
Online Meeting Book
Online Asset Register