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Code of Ethics in Research


This Code of Ethics is aimed at prevention of malpractices and plagiarism in Research works carried out by the faculty members, scholars and students at Malda College. The principles of this Code of Ethics are with the noble purpose of guiding researchers to an ethical course of action enriched with the values and mission of Malda College.


The faculty members, scholars and students of Malda College are committed to the pursuit of truth, honesty and integrity, to uphold the vision-mission of our institution, to safeguard and promote public interest during our research activities.


The principles mentioned below bind the researchers of Malda College to the strictest measure of integrity and the highest ethical standards:

a) Integrity and Honesty:

We have to act with sincerity keep our promises and agreements as well as our thought and action shall be consistent. We shall disseminate the methods and procedures of our research works and report data and results honestly and shall not fabricate, falsify, or misrepresent data.

b) Objectivity:

The objective of the research work shall be well defined and free from bias in the design of methodology, data analysis and data interpretation. The objective may be of fundamental interest as well as it may have a goal towards welfare of the society, community, nation and the nature.

In order to detect the plagiarism, college recommends well known freely available softwares/ tools such as "Plagiarism Checker""Plagiarism Checker X " etc.