Research & Consultancy

“ Research and Consultancy Cell (RCC) ” is aimed at monitoring and addressing the issues of research and consultancy activities in the college. The composition of the committee is as given below:

  • Dr. Tapan Kumar Mandal Chairman
  • Dr. Uttam Kumar Sarkar Convenor
  • Dr. A K Sarkar Member
  • Dr. Manas Kumar Baidya Member
  • Dr. Bidyut Nandi Member
  • Dr. Dilip Kumar Debnath Member
  • Dr. N C Shaw Member
  • Dr. Kaushik Chakrabarti Member

The cell (RCC) encourages as well as assists the faculty members to apply for minor/major research projects. It also collects details of potential funding agencies in government and private sectors to obtain financial assistance for the research projects of faculty members and students in the college.

It is a sincere endeavor of the RCC to organize seminar/symposia/conference regularly in order to motivate and attract the faculty members and students towards active research. The committee extends its support and cooperation to the departments in holding departmental seminars too.

The college has two Postgraduate courses: (i) English and (ii) History, where faculty members are actively engaged in research work along with some of the students. The RCC is aspirant about the research prospects in these postgraduate departments.

The RCC recommended setting up of a research room with facilities like hi-speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity, computers, printer, scanner, intercom and furniture with necessary books on academic writing and research, and accordingly a proposal has been submitted to the UGC for necessary financial assistance.

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