Exploring History
(ISSN 2230-8490)
Vol. IX No. 1
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1 Gorkha Land Agitation: A Movement of both Regionalism and Identity Ajoy Kumar Dutta & Anil Kumar Sarkar Full Text PDF
2 Exercise of Power without Authority: A Study of Bibi Raji’s Contributions to Art and Culture in the Sharqi Sultanate of Jaunpur , 1440-1473 Parvez Alam Full Text PDF
3 Girindrasekhar Bose: The Pioneer of Psychoanalysis Study in India Samiparna Rakshit Full Text PDF
4 Propaganda Machinery and the Quit India Movement in Bengal Sukanta Pramanik Full Text PDF
5 Racial Discrimination and Railway Personnel; The Experience of Indian Technicians in Colonial India Gautam Kumar Bhagat Full Text PDF
6 An Outline of Tea Associations in North Bengal Supam Biswas Full Text PDF
7 Women in Kolkata Police : Transition from Colonial to Post Colonial Phase Tumpa Mukherjee Full Text PDF
  Book Review    
8 Srilata Chatterjee :Western Medicine and Colonial Society Hospitals of Calcutta,c. 1757-1860, Primus Books, Delhi, 2017, Rs. 1195, (ISBN 978-93-84092-98-6 Monoranjan Sarkar Full Text PDF